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All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

Don’t Trivialize “Small Business” IT and Security: They Probably Have It Harder than You

Aug 27 by Kathryn Schwab

I recently signed up a family member for extracurricular activities, and upon arriving at a small local business, ended up in a conversation with the owner. After a few pleasantries, the usual, “where do you work” question came up. I proudly answered, and the floodgates opened with the owner asking many questions about IT and security:

 Should I use two host service providers? One for internal access? One for external access? 

 How do I protect the business, given my IT environment?  

 Should I move certain services into the cloud? If so, how do I make sure my customers are protected?

 What is virtualization and how can it help me? Does it make sense for me?

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As Global Security Concerns Spike, All SMBs Should Bolster Security

Jun 24 by Catalin Cosoi

Small and medium businesses should shore up their defenses as allegations of rampant spying and massive security breaches cast a pall of doubt on the safety of the Internet. Here’s some advice to help SMBs cope with growing risks and keep expenses under control.

Studies show that data security can be a crucial issue of customer/client trust. In the wake of the Snowden NSA leaks, SMBs are at greater risk than huge corporations, as they have limited money for cyber-security.

From netbooks to smartphones and picture-playing devices, employees become more and more tech-savvy and bring a wide variety of Internet-connected devices to the office. To increase efficiency and mobility, they commonly access corporate data and networks on the go, while chatting with friends, posting social media messages, listening to music and sharing pictures online.

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INFOGRAPHIC: SMBs are Urged to Bolster Security

Jun 20 by Catalin Cosoi

BITDEFENDER HQ, June 20, 2014 – Almost one in five small and medium businesses worldwide are exposed to major security risks as they are still using Windows XP after Microsoft ended support for the operating system, according to a three-month study Bitdefender conducted in countries such as the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, Spain and Brazil.

The study proved that businesses still rely on the legacy Microsoft OS despite security concerns. Millions of malware attacks target companies every month and hackers try to steal confidential data by taking advantage of the system’s vulnerabilities.

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VDI, Security and Keeping your Sanity

Apr 23 by Horatiu Bandoiu

In a recent post about new technology paradigms for SME we have been trying to provide reasons for SMEs to consider the changing of their computing model from “IT to own” to “IT to use”. Questioning the model is useful always and may bring a great gain for the organization.However, the decision to change may pass over some bumpy roads.

Today we try to put you in front of a real life scenario.

Imagine that you are the IT Manager of a very dynamic organization of around 100 people. Change is the constant in your day-by-day work: you serve a very mobile commercial force, several executives that travel all time, and, among many, two groups (marketing and development) that remain in the headquarters but take work at home after hours too.

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Five reasons why evolution, virtualization and cloud are good for (SME) business

Apr 10 by Horatiu Bandoiu

I invite you to imagine how things were ten years ago when we were all younger and probably happier; IT models were clearly defined and all was logical and gradual, just an exercise of scalability.

You started with a few PCs, you were connecting them into a network, eventually adding one file server, then a mail server, and starting to think about security. But also security was easier ten years ago. Viruses, worms, and occasionally some successful attack from curious persons that were called crackers, and was pretty much all. We were adding something like 5 to 10 virus signatures per day, and that was enough.

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Why customers will expect 'better' of the security CSPs provide

Apr 04 by Robert Krauss

As someone who interacts with Cloud Service Providers of varying sizes in geographies around the world, I have been giving thought to where we are, and ultimately what organizations will expect from the CSPs in terms of security over the coming months.

Ask any end user regardless of whether they are a multi-national with a Chief Security Officer or a SMB with IT personnel wearing multiple hats, and security is always at the top of the list

So why aren’t more CSPs looking to provide security beyond the basics? Over this and subsequent postings, we will explore what customers should expect, even demand from their Cloud Service Providers.

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Trust and Comfort Zones: Security Innovation and Practices

Mar 21 by Horatiu Bandoiu

I am not a partisan of the FUD speeches (FUD = Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). Today, however, I will pass on the negative side of the speech by sharing with you some thoughts about the tough days we are facing:

  1. Cyber battle apparently under way in Russia-Ukraine conflict” – remove the word “Cyber”, and this could have been a headline 150 years ago too. Unfortunately we are not talking about the armed conflict the Russians generated in October 1853 under the pretext of protecting the Russian Orthodox people.
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SMB Security Buying: Rational Thinking or Art of Persuasion?

Mar 14 by Horatiu Bandoiu

This post came as a result of a bet I have made recently with one of my colleagues, Shaun Donaldson. The question is if SMB decision makers follow the buying practices of the Enterprise market or not (that process would include information-gathering, analysis and comparing options in a pure “costs vs benefit” model). The wager I can’t disclose, but I can tell you that Shaun is advocating for people being the most rational creatures on Earth;

So let us explore who is right.

When making buying decisions for technology products, one of the primary assumptions is that it is the fruit of a careful and systematic analysis. I hope that it isn’t about the color of the packaging, the shapes and aerodynamics of the product, or the nice smile of the sales person.

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