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Big Enterprise IoT Device Security Considerations

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Toward the post COVID-19 Security Posture

Cloud Security Alliance Provides Enhanced IoT Security Guidance

Bitdefender Leaders Honored as CRN Channel Chiefs

Pajama-Clad Security: The Cyber Risks of Working from Home

Concerns about Security are Being Fueled by Shifting Business Priorities, Pandemic-Induced Remote Work, and Accelerated Deployment of New Technologies

BEC Scammers Take Advantage of "Out-of-Office" Microsoft 365 Users

Looking for an alternative to Symantec Endpoint Protection?

Finance Sector Faces ‘Extreme but Plausible’ Cyber Threats

The 2020 Year in Cybersecurity Review

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Pandemic’s Impact on Cyber Security is Far Reaching

Three Security Headaches in 2021 and the Technologies to Fix Them

IT Leaders Rank Data Breaches as the Top Technology Risk for 2021

Study: 5 Key Factors are Influencing the Cyber Threat Landscape

Despite Rising Vulnerabilities, Majority of Organizations Don’t Perform Continuous Security Monitoring

Common IoT Threats and the Role of ISPs in Protecting Our Homes

Most Companies in US and Canada Gather User Data through Third-Party Code without Telling Customers, Survey Finds

ICO Calls on UK Businesses to Ensure Lawful Flow of Data Under GDPR as Brexit Transition Period Ends

Most Employees Think It’s the Company’s Job to Secure Their Work Accounts

Organizations Relied More in 2020 on Crowdsourced Cybersecurity, Report Finds

Poor Security Habits Might Force Companies to Bring Employees Back to the Office

Bitdefender Looks Ahead at the Threat Landscape of 2021

Most Industries Plan Substantial Investments in IT to Support Remote Workers in 2021

Bitdefender Endpoint Detection and Response, The Vaccine You Need for Advanced Threats

Half of Cybersecurity Seniors Have Changed Their Defense Strategies Due to COVID-19

61% of IT Security Leaders Say Remote Workers Have Caused a Data Breach This Year

Bitdefender’s Response to FireEye and SolarWinds Breaches and Recommendations for Organizations

Half of Businesses Say Remote Work Pays Off, But Security Is Becoming a Major Concern

How to Choose a Reliable Security Licensing Provider - Seven Steps for Your Integration’s Success

No-code, Low-code Development: An Enterprise Priority With Data Risks

Why Build When You Can Integrate? How Licensing Can Help Your Business Grow

New Spear-phishing Campaign Targets Office 365 Users

Should Businesses Be Concerned About Nation-State Threats?

FBI and CISA Roll Out Best Practices to Serve as a Cornerstone of Organizations’ Cybersecurity Strategies

When the ISP Becomes the Weakest Link in the Cyberattack Kill Chain

5G Adoption Will Require Hiring Skilled Security Experts, Business Professionals Say

Stay Competitive with Minimum Cost – Upgrade Your Offer with Licensed Technology

How They Did It: New Infographic Dissects Complete Chinese APT Attack Cycle

5 Signs Spoofing Still Remains One of Cybersecurity's Biggest Problems

IoT Security Bill Signed Into U.S. Law

Organizations Adopting Cloud-Native Apps Struggle with Security Issues Stemming from API Sprawl, Survey Shows

What Does Self-Service Security Do for AppSec?

Market Study: Security Concerns Up—Mitigation Efforts Down

Cloud Security Is a Primary Concern for Most Companies and Decision Makers, Report Finds

FBI Warns of Hackers Abusing Email Forwarding Rules in Recent Attacks

Bitdefender Launches New Dedicated Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Product and Some Important GravityZone Enhancements

Most Executives Worry about Security Risks Accompanying Remote Workers, Survey Finds

New Bitdefender EDR for MSPs, Ransomware Mitigation and additional enhancements

Business Interruption Is the Main Cost Driver of Cyber Insurance Claims, Says Allianz

Automation to Drive Tidal Wave of Spear Phishing Campaigns in 2021, Researchers Predict

US Organizations Hit by Ransomware More than Rest of the World Combined, New Research Shows

Enterprises Skimping On Basic Cybersecurity Controls

Business Sector Increasingly Adopting AI Cybersecurity to Tackle Advanced Threats

Common IoT Devices Become the ISPs' Worst Enemy

Despite Security Concerns, Connected Medical Device Use Soars

The Cost of Cybersecurity Incidents Is on the Rise, Mainly Due to Human Error or Systems Failure

Ransomware Downtime Costs Doubled Since 2019, MSPs Report

The New EDR and Platform Enhancements from Bitdefender

Strained IT Teams Are Struggling to Maintain Security Standards, Research Shows

Dissecting a Chinese APT Targeting Southeast Asian Government Institutions

New Study Pegs Hospitals as ‘Sitting Ducks’ for Cyberattacks

Addressing the Need for Strong Data Governance

Global Cybersecurity Workforce Expands by 25% in 2020, (ISC)² Reveals

Are IT Departments Unprepared to Defend Their Employers Against Today’s Advanced Cyber Threats?

Financial Services Industry Reports Sharp Rise in Cyberattacks

The Pandemic Replaced Complex Corporate Security Systems with Two-Bit Routers, But ISPs Can Help

Attacks Targeting the Healthcare Industry Grow Increasingly Severe

New APT Campaign Investigation Reveal on November 17th: Dissecting a Chinese APT Targeting Southeast Asian Government Institutions

Most Companies Ignore Even the Most Basic Cybersecurity Practices, Survey Finds

Bitdefender MDR Wins Tech Innovators Award

10 Stats on the State of Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Cybersecurity Burnout Persists

Business VOIP Phone Systems Are Being Hacked for Profit Worldwide. Is Yours Secure?

How Do Businesses Rate Their Security and Compliance 10 Months Into COVID-19?

Understaffed and Overburdened – IT Professionals Now Spend Five to Eight Hours a Day Managing Security

Bitdefender 2020 Business Threat Landscape Report Reveals New Challenges for 2021

Business Email Compromise (BEC) Invoice Fraud Skyrockets

Half of Consumers Say Data Breaches Are Waiting to Happen, Survey Finds

Decision Makers Trade Personnel for Cloud Security as IT Budgets Shrink

US Federal Sector Accelerates Investments in Network Visibility to Cope with Telework Security Risks

US Hospitals Warned of Threat of Imminent Ransomware Attack

Getting Smarter About Cyber Security

Sensitizing Employees to IT Security Creates a ‘Human Firewall,’ Experts Say

Weak Credentials, the Bane of Cyber Security

10 Months into COVID-19, Businesses Still Playing Catch-Up with Endpoint Security in Hybrid Work Environments

Most Public Sector Organizations Fear Supply Chain Attacks, Survey Finds

Behind the Scenes with Bitdefender. Or is it?

Why Communication and Culture Are So Important for a SOC Analyst while Working 100% Remote during COVID

Cybersecurity Investments To Support Work from Home. How To Spend Wisely in 2021?

A Third of CISOs Have Relaxed Security Policies to Foster Remote-Work Productivity During COVID-19, New Research Shows

WFH, IoT and The Rising Enterprise Attack Surface

Enterprises Increasingly Choose Threat Intelligence as the Go-To Weapon to Fight Advanced Threats

BEC Scammers Are Expanding from Nigeria to the US, Research Finds

Lack of Security in IoT Devices Explained. What Can We Do About It?

Cybersecurity Professionals Feel Threatened by the Adoption of AI and Automation Tools, Survey Finds

Two-Thirds of Businesses Have Suffered Endpoint and IoT Security Incidents During COVID-19

Unprecedented Number of Cyberattacks Hit UK Businesses Amid Pandemic Lockdown

Just What Cyber Security Executives Don’t Want to Hear: The Skills Shortage is Worsening

‘Inconvenient’ Cybersecurity Policies Put Healthcare Organizations at Risk

The year’s buzz-worthy performers? The award (and path to profitability) goes to MSPs.

More than Half of Employees Use Rogue Apps for Work, Survey Finds

New IoT Bots Reveal Why ISPs Have to Shoulder the Responsibility for Cybersecurity

6 Signs DevSecOps Maturity Has a Long Way to Go

43% of Global Employees Are Not Sure What a Phishing Attack Is

Small Businesses and Consumers Grossly Underestimate Danger of Cyberattacks

Is Your Org Supporting Employee Cybersecurity Skills Growth?

A Quarter of Canadian IT Decision Makers Report Coronavirus-Themed Cyberattacks During Pandemic

37% of Remote Employees Have No Security Restrictions on Corporate Devices

Top Managers Increasingly Asked to Sit in on Cybersecurity Meetings

Remote or Hybrid Work Is Likely the Future, New Research Finds

Knowledge Raises Your Organisation’s Abilities

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