Breakthrough technologies and products such as BOX have tripled job applications at Bitdefender

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Highly innovative products such as the recent IoT security solution Bitdefender BOX act as a magnet to valuable job applicants, increasing both the number and quality of candidates.

Following the launch this April, we saw increased interest in Bitdefender as an employer, and a significant increase in applications for job openings in both sales and marketing. The number of eligible candidates for our jobs in enterprise sales, channel marketing and channel sales has tripled, with the applicants saying they rarely find opportunities in innovative, groundbreaking companies like Bitdefender.

Our team is proud that Bitdefender has stepped into the future of online protection and created BOX, the start of a seamless concept of online Protection for Everything. The completely new, forward-looking mix of hardware and software offers protection for everything that connects to home networks. BOX has sharply improved awareness of the Bitdefender brand, attracting highly skilled sales and marketing candidates.

You might have read in major publications that Bitdefender BOX has been extremely well received in the US market. TIME Magazine wrote in a BOX review that Bitdefender may just be the hero the Internet of Things deserves, while The Journal said BOX shows Bitdefender has the right idea about smart-home security. CNN and Fortune magazine also included BOX in the list of the coolest gadgets of 2014.

The IoT technology trend raises interest especially in early adopter markets – the US and Western Europe - where employees try to spot companies creating unique products and profiting from lucrative new markets.

Sales and marketing professionals are attracted by the challenges that new products and developing markets offer. Even though it takes a lot of hard work to register double- or even triple-digit growth quarterly, this is exactly the place where marketing and sales professionals can get satisfaction.

Obviously, once an employee has strong results on a completely new market with innovative products, he builds an excellent background that brings both financial benefits and an impressive resume. It’s in the sales persons’ DNA to seek for performance, and Bitdefender, as the main innovation driver in the industry, offers an interesting career plan for a professional.

Job candidates, some of them former employees of bigger security companies from the US and Western Europe, tend to embrace flexible, fast-reacting companies, where their presence can make a visible difference. Enterprise technologies developed together with technology companies like Intel, Bitdefender’s cloud – one of the biggest private clouds in the market, and Hypervisor-based memory introspection breakthrough technologies also generate interest among specialized sales and marketing professionals.

The quality of job seekers has also tangibly improved. Candidates with impressive backgrounds in the security industry have approached Bitdefender with spontaneous applications. Some were passive candidates who suddenly became interested in job opportunities at Bitdefender. 


Bitdefender’s Global Recruitment Manager, Elvis Popovici, is an executive search consultant with nearly 20 years of expertise in international markets.

Of all its operations in over 150 countries, the US market is the most important for Bitdefender in terms of revenue and number of employees abroad. Bitdefender has earned customers’ trust - from the home user to the largest corporations - and focuses on staying ahead of the competition and on helping clients to reinvent security and meet the challenges of today.

Some 7% of the planet’s populations place trust every day in Bitdefender, directly or indirectly through the companies they work for, and that statistic is a source of daily pride of our employees.