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All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

UK CISOs fear security flaws in the public cloud, yet only one company in five encrypts all data

Sep 18 by Razvan Muresan

Nine in ten IT execs in the UK are concerned with the security of the public cloud, and almost 20% do not deploy security for sensitive data stored outside the company’s infrastructure, according to a recent Bitdefender survey. Half of those surveyed admit cloud migration has significantly expanded the size of the border they have to defend, while only one in five encrypts already migrated data.

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Machine Learning – A Tool for Augmenting Security

Sep 15 by Liviu Arsene

The use of machine learning algorithms in the security industry has become a necessity with the rapid growth of malware samples. Obfuscation, polymorphism and encryption have caused a surge in new malware, which now numbers in the hundreds of millions of samples hunting on the internet.

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Road to GDPR compliance: how concerned should companies be about the new regulatory landscape?

Sep 13 by Luana Pascu

GDPR, a new legal framework, was approved in the European Union in April 2016, after a seven-year journey from idea to implementation. The regulation addresses consumer rights and data privacy in relation to business conducted in EU member states.

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Five Must-See DEF CON Talks Available Now on YouTube

Sep 11 by George V. Hulme

We can’t always make it to the conference, and when we do we can’t always get to see every talk we’d like to see. That’s one of the reasons why I like to shop around YouTube from time to time and look for talks I wish I’d seen in person.

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Equifax - the second largest data breach in history: 143 million people could be affected

Sep 08 by Razvan Muresan

Credit-reporting company Equifax Inc. said Thursday that hackers gained access to some of its systems, compromising the personal information of about 143 million U.S. consumers, according to WSJ.

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Learn a lesson from Nissan - own your brand’s website domain, or else…

Sep 07 by Graham Cluley

Wednesday was a big day for car manufacturer Nissan as it launched a new version of its best-selling Leaf electrical car, which claims to be able to travel 50% further on a single battery charge than it predecessor, and incorporates an innovative one-pedal driving system.

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Looming GDPR creates huge job opportunities for data experts

Sep 06 by Filip Truta

With 200 pages telling businesses how to handle customer data come May 2018, the EU’s General Data Protection Law has inadvertently created a long list of job openings – 75,000 by some estimates – for those who can responsibly juggle big chunks of data.

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China could use new Cyber-Security Law to exploit ‘foreign’ vulnerabilities

Sep 05 by Filip Truta

China’s new cyber-security law, in effect since June 1st, contains vague and onerous language that authorities could invoke to compel security checks, forcibly demand data or to inspect proprietary technology.

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Scammer makes CAD $11 million off Canadian university in phishing hack

Sep 04 by Luana Pascu

The education sector is one of the most targeted by cybercriminals, partly because it often overlooks compliance with government regulations on security and data protection. Unlike other industries, education is not as well-trained on security guidelines, has little device protection in place, and unwittingly encourages a bring-your-own-device environment.

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Insecure Office 365 setups could be a ticking time bomb for your business

Sep 01 by Graham Cluley

Pinch yourself because it’s sometime hard to believe in 2017 – but one of the biggest threats your company faces are old-fashioned and simplistic phishing attacks.

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Cybersecurity regulations in force for financial sector in New York; CISOs play vital role

Aug 31 by Luana Pascu

Some $86.4 billion has been spent globally on information security so far in 2017 alone, a 7 percent increase from 2016, according to Gartner. The forecast for 2018 is that the spending will reach $93 billion, making the Chief Information Security Officer a fundamental role in any organization.

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US, UK companies reported an average of five significant security incidents in the past year, survey shows

Aug 30 by Razvan Muresan

Four in ten companies in the US and the UK experienced five or more significant security incidents in the past year, among most cited external threats being malware, ransomware, and browser lockers (44%), phishing email, web or social (42%), domain infringement or DNS exposure/direct (42%), scams and disingenuous ads (40%), mobile app exposures and unknown or unauthorized rogue company mobile app (37%), and brand abuse and defacement (35%), according to a recent survey conducted by IDG.

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