Beyond the Hype – Putting MDR Service Providers to the Test with Forrester

Reading time: 4 min
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  • Managed detection and response programs vary widely so carefully evaluate service provider competencies
  • Beware of buzzwords in MDR vendor claims that provide little insight into their true service capabilities
  • Focus your MDR goals on achieving superior security outcomes, not just on managing the flow of alerts
  • Effective MDR integrates people, processes, and technology to provide wide coverage at an affordable cost


Managed Detection and Response represents the fastest growing sector of cybersecurity, and as MDR services proliferate, competing marketing claims often outstrip actual vendor capabilities.

Many MDR services on the market today lay claim to advanced “cyber-threat hunting”, “response” or "threat intelligence” capabilities, but what do these overused terms really mean? When does “response” truly result in concrete steps being executed by the vendor that result in measurable, beneficial security outcomes for the customer? And critically, how do companies evaluate “cyber-threat hunting” programs when selecting a potential MDR service provider?

Watch our webinar and learn the questions to ask that separate the full-service MDR providers who can stop intruders in their tracks and evict them from your network remotely from the mere technical advisors whose idea of “response” is sending an email spelling out what you should do.

Watch Our On-Demand Webinar

We’ll show you how to put over-hyped vendor claims to the test as MDR continues its steady advance across all industries—expected reach 25% of businesses by 2024—and how midmarket firms can affordably acquire advanced security capabilities today that were once reserved for Fortune 500 companies.

Bitdefender and Forrester Research combine to present an interactive webinar outlining:

  • Managed Detection and Response service evolution, trends, and best practices
  • Expanding the MDR view from just “managing alerts” to “improving security outcomes”
  • Clarifying key industry terms and mapping them to actual service capabilities

Join Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Jeff Pollard, Bitdefender Senior Director of Managed Services Jarret Raim and Bitdefender Senior Director for Managed Services Operations Daniel Clayton as they present the high bar that MDR service providers must surpass to maintain leadership within this dynamic market space.