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Cast your vote for Bitdefender Business Insights at the European Security Bloggers Awards

By Bitdefender Enterprise on May 22, 2018 | 0 Comments

Every year, world’s best security blogs get to compete in the European Security Bloggers Awards, an event part of London’s Infosec Europe. This year, we are honored to be among the finalists in two categories, namely The Best Corporate Security Blog and The Best European Corporate Security Blog.

We believe that educating readers is fundamental to staying safe online and for more than 10 years we have made our blogs (Hotforsecurity, Bitdefender Labs, Bitdefender Business Insights and Bitdefender IoT Insights) some of the strongest voices in the cyber-security industry.

It is our readers who will decide which of the nominated blogs gets to take the award home. If you feel that our work has made and continues to make a difference, please do cast your vote for Bitdefender Hotforsecurity and Bitdefender Business Insights.

Vote for Bitdefender's Hotforsecurity and Business Insights blogs here.

Voting closes at midnight GMT on Friday, June 1st 2018, so act fast! After casting your vote, please help us spread the word about the nomination on social media.

The winning blogs will be announced at the Security Bloggers Meetup on Tuesday, June 5th, at The Crown & Sceptre Pub, 34 Holland Road, London W14 starting at 18:00. Thanks for your support!

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Author: Bitdefender Enterprise

Bitdefender is a global security technology company that delivers solutions in more than 100 countries through a network of value-added alliances, distributors and reseller partners. Since 2001, Bitdefender has consistently produced award-winning business and consumer security technology, and is a leading security provider in virtualization and cloud technologies. Through R&D, alliances and partnership teams, Bitdefender has elevated the highest standards of security excellence in both its number-one-ranked technology and its strategic alliances with the world’s leading virtualization and cloud technology providers.