Join Us at .NEXT London to Discuss Survival in HCI

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“Survival” is usually associated with stoically pushing on through harsh conditions, symbolized by people like this year’s Nutanix .NEXT keynote speakers -- Bear Grylls and Jane Goodall. But, as technology weaves ever more tightly into our daily lives to support mobility and improve life quality, the term “survival” is also starting to denote the ability to withstand a cyberattack. Bruce Schneider nails it in his security talks – if in the past, a cyberattack could crash your spreadsheet, today, it could crash your car.

Going a step further, what key challenges can you expect when devising a security strategy for your HCI environment? How can a data breach impact your infrastructure, and how far can you go to prevent it without sacrificing operational excellence?

Bitdefender - the only security vendor at .NEXT

Join Bitdefender at Nutanix .NEXT Europe 2018 in London to discuss best practices for building and running enterprise clouds that provide greater agility, foster innovation and give organizations a competitive edge. Register today and receive 50% off when using discount code NEXT18EU-SPONSORCUST-25092, courtesy of Bitdefender.

Bitdefender specialists will help Nutanix customers promote operational efficiency through security automation at the Nov. 27-29 event. Find out which cost analysis tools determine whether hyperconvergence is right for you, how to modernize your datacenter and how to combat emerging datacenter security threats. And gain deep insights into how best to manage out-of-control public cloud expenses.

If these questions ring a bell, whether you are running a pure HCI environment or any hybrid-cloud mix, join Stephen Furniss and Andra Cazacu as they discuss how Barnsley Council managed to reduce time spent on security administration from two hours per day to 10 minutes and how ransomware incidents dropped to zero. The breakout session takes place on Nov. 29, 2:45 PM - 3:15 PM, at Capital Suite 10.

Maintaining a healthy and high performing Nutanix environment through security automation

The GravityZone integration with Prism dramatically simplifies security administration for Nutanix Enterprise-Cloud workloads, ensuring that the breadth of the security technologies we bring to protect your HCI-based infrastructure does not impact IT efficiency or infrastructure ROI. GravityZone communicates with Prism to obtain up-to-date virtual-machine (VM) inventory and cluster hierarchy as well as real-time data on VM instantiation, termination and movement. GravityZone uses this data to automatically deploy in-guest security tools and security servers, assign highly granular security policies, recover security licenses from decommissioned VMs, and provide infrastructure-aware reporting.

The GravityZone Calm Marketplace blueprint makes deployment of the security platform as easy as the click of a mouse. No matter where in the Enterprise Cloud a customer’s development, test or production VMs reside, and no matter what hypervisor(s) they run on, users can take advantage of the blueprint to quickly deploy GravityZone in their environments without adding IT support tickets. Our security experts are waiting for you at stand G4, Gold Village, to demonstrate security platform efficacy and performance. 

Bitdefender Nutanix-Ready workload-security complements the hardened Nutanix infrastructure. Integration between our solutions will help joint customers leverage the unique benefits of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud while protecting workloads in a reliable and efficient fashion.

Next-gen layered security, at your digital transformation doorstep

A Nutanix AHV-Ready solution, GravityZone uses multiple layers of next-generation defenses (such as tunable machine learning, application control, anti-exploit, and network sandboxing) to protect Enterprise Cloud customers from advanced threats while enabling efficient centralized security-manageability and preserving the performance and utilization of Nutanix infrastructure. Engineered for hyperconverged and cloud environments, GravityZone minimizes security’s impact on infrastructure resources, increasing consolidation ratios by up to 35% and improving application response by 17% compared to other workload-security solutions. GravityZone is compatible with all virtualization platforms, enabling a secure transition to Nutanix AHV from other hypervisors, a unique feat that earned it the 2018 AHV Innovator of the Year Award.

As the threat landscape places tremendous pressure on the modern datacenter, already-overloaded IT operations teams bear a security burden. GravityZone not only delivers best-in-class layered next-generation defenses for hybrid infrastructure, but also streamlines and automates security workflows to let IT focus on strategic priorities. The new GravityZone-Prism integration and the GravityZone Calm Marketplace blueprint help Nutanix customers achieve just that.

So if you are heading to .NEXT London this year, make sure you stop to meet us, see a live attack in action and discuss how security should blend in to support your digital transformation. Our security experts are waiting for you at stand G4, Gold Village, to demonstrate how hyperconverged security should look like. See you soon!